The Refill Room

Welcome to the Refill Room

Packaging free products, body care and cleaning product refills.

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Packaging free refill service

Welcome to the Refill Room!

Eco Refill Soaps and Cleaning Products

Aside from ensuring we provide fantastic products and services that help our customers feel their very best, one of our other passions is ensuring we do as much as we can for our planet. As a nation, the number of products we buy & use on a daily basis containing plastic is creating tons of waste which is now affecting our planet.

We already take great care in the products we select, ensuring they are sourced and produced ethically and sustainably, and we take great care in the packaging used for the products we stock. The next step on our journey was creating our Refill Room, with the key aim of reducing the volume of plastic, and help us all do a little bit more to consume less, waste less and pollute less.

The majority of plastic waste comes from bottles containing liquids, such as household cleaning & body care, and currently around 40% of disposed household bottles in the UK are collected for recycling. However, because of the liquid left over from home and personal hygiene items, only bottles containing drinks can be recycled into other bottles. So your detergent or shampoo containers get turned into things like t-shirts or sleeping bags. The danger of this is you can’t continue to down cycle items, and eventually the product will end up in landfill, so the re-cycling tag can be a little misleading.

Cleaning products that don’t cost the earth

So the Refill Room has one aim, that is to reduce the amount of bottles being thrown away, so it has a dedicated space in our shop where you can come and refill your own bottles with every day products such as:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Hand wash
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Laundry liquid
  • Laundry conditioner

Its Easy Peasy!
Just bring your own bottle & fill it up. We charge per 100ml for body care & cleaning, for laundry it’s charged by the litre. We stock many items from brands such as Faith in Nature, Bio-D, Ecover & Alternative which are SLS, cruelty & paraben free equally effective & kind to the planet.
As well as the refills we have many other items such as unwrapped soaps, shampoo bars & bamboo toothbrushes.
This is a really exciting area of our business, with so much more to come. Watch this very GREEN space. Did somebody say compostable coffee pods??

Be Clean, Go Green

cleaning product eco refills
cleaning product eco refills