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Holistic Facial Massages and Treatments

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Massage, Reiki, Crystal healing by Vicky

Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing by Vicky

Vicky has many years’ experience as a trained massage therapists  which include deep tissue & Swedish massage. All treatments are tailored to suit every individual needs.

She also offers a CBD massage which is a non-psychoactive substance extracted from the Hemp plant. It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and source of pain relief. It also helps to calm the nervous system and lift the symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Reiki with Crystal Healing

Bathe in the blissful, healing vibrations of crystals whilst receiving Reiki (Master Level). Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive form of energy healing, transferred through the palms of the hands. Encourages emotional and physical healing.

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Call: 07730068198

Energy Massage & Reiki by Felicity

Energy Massage & Reiki by Felicity

Felicity offers her Energy Massage which is a combination of Massage & Reiki. Each treatment is unique & specifically around the needs of the individual. The treatment is a full body massage using high quality sacred oils, which when combined with Reiki help to further release stress, negativity & emotions.

Reiki Treatment
A chance to have time to yourself to improve your wellbeing. Reiki is really beneficial to everyone, no matter what your age or state of health. Reiki which is pronounced “Ray Key” and is a Japanese, energy-balancing, holistic therapy. It is well known for being non invasive hands on treatment that balances body, mind and spirit. Reiki can produce deep relaxation, reduced stress & anxiety & can also help to improve positivity & clear the mind.

How to book

Call: 07923400110

Lucie Land Massage Therapies

Yoga & Ayurvedic by Lucie Land

Having decades of practice in both disciplines, I humbly offer my services as teacher, mentor, counselor and therapist.

Both Yoga and Ayurveda have their core in mindfulness and therefore can be there for anyone who is willing to dedicate energy, learn and cultivate mindfulness and patience while steadily working towards sustainable physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Ayurveda has an amazing complexity, and provides answers to all questions, and together with Yoga gives the perfect wholesome guideline for your life and your family. I offer many classes & treatments which include:

  • Yoga Classes (Hatha & Kundalini)
  • Meditation & Pranayama
  • Counselling
  • Ayurvedic consultations

How to book

Call: 07549885196

Kelly Hainsworth Reflexology

Reflexology by Kelly Hainsworth


Relax, unwind, and let the stresses of everyday life slip away with reflexology. Enjoy a soothing treatment where gentle pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet to promote stress relief and relaxation. Organic foot balms are used to enhance the treatment and to nourish the skin. The first appointment lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes as this includes a free well-being consultation, subsequent appointments last for one hour.

Facial Reflexology

Enjoy a soothing treatment where gentle pressure is applied to the reflex points on the face to promote stress relief, a greater sense of well-being and a feeling of calmness. Beautiful organic facial oils are used during the treatment to nourish and revitalise the skin. Please allow one hour for your first appointment, as this includes a free consultation. Subsequent appointments last for 45 minutes.

Maternity Reflexology

This treatment provides mums-to-be with an opportunity to relax and unwind in a secure space as you prepare for labour. Please note as a Maternity Reflexologist I require permission from your Midwife before a treatment can go ahead. Please allow one hour and fifteen minutes for your first appointment, as this includes a free consultation.

I am full member of the Association of Reflexologists and am fully insured.

How to book

Call Kelly: 07910 120 929


Alison Lane Holistic Massage Therapies

Seasonal Beauty & Wellness Alignment by Alison Lane

The seasons and elements are part of our nature, our emotional and physical well-being. Our skin is the main organ that reflects our health and wellbeing and in turn a mirror of our connection to mother earth. Our skin cells renew every 28 days, it is a continuous process of elimination and renewal as it journeys through the seasons.

My seasonal aligning treatments reflect the season we are in and are different depending on the season and like food, your skin loves to be cared for seasonally too. There is a different treatment for each season, all accompanied by carefully selected seasonal botanicals and essential oils.

Winter: Water – Retreat & Restore
Winter is the most feminine time of the year as we shift from the metal element to the water element.  We are aiming to alkalise the body and our nutritional needs will reflect that.

We begin with a back exfoliation and follow with gentle facial to include cleanse, facial scrub, face masque and ending with moisturiser. A wonderfully calm and relaxing treatment to bring you into alignment with winter.

Seasonal nutrition advice given.
Treatment time 2 hours

Spring: Wood – Growth & Unfurl
It’s spring and it’s time for new growth. This is a yang time of year and the organs in power are the liver and gallbladder which are in need of nourishing from within through our food.

Tea and a consultation open the session. The treatment begins with a foot soak, continues with a facial cleanse and massage, followed by a hot compress. A peeling scrub is applied, followed by a nourishing masque while you receive a relaxing neck, shoulder and scalp massage. We finish with moisturiser and a jade roller to improve circulation and skin tone.

Seasonal nutrition advice given.
Treatment time 2 hours

Summer: Fire – Expand & Transform
Associated with the fire element we now find our energies rising and the chi moves into the heart and small intestine. Energetically it is the male yang energy in power.

We begin the treatment with tea and consultation, and a delightful foot soak and massage. We follow with a hand and arm massage. The face is cleansed and massaged. We follow with a gentle exfoliation and a celestial mask using rose and clear quartz crystals to aid with lymph drainage. An abdominal massage to encourage the intestines to support the heart. Flowers or flower essences and crystals are used throughout this gentle treatment.

Seasonal nutrition advice given.
Treatment time 2 hours

Autumn: Earth – Balance and Nourish
This is the time of year where we start to move into the feminine yin energy and our chi moves into the spleen and stomach progressing to the lungs and large intestine (metal element) for the end of autumn.

We begin with tea and consultation. The feet are cleansed and we activate pressure points from the soles of the feet to the crown, during a foot massage.

The Face is cleansed and massaged, followed with a Kansa wand massage. The treatment continues with a gentle peeling scrub, masque – during which a neck and shoulder and scalp massage is given. We finish with moisturiser.

Seasonal nutrition advice given.
Treatment time 2 hours

The Seasonal Collection are made with a blend of flower essences the seasons.
I use Rhythm of Beauty products which are handcrafted, blended and poured all by hand. They are 100% natural products which include organic extracts, flower essences mixed in high grade vibrational oils. They are also free from chemicals, parabens, fillers or synthetics and suitable for all skin types so in turn are ageless. They are full of luxurious aromatic plant extracts which makes cleansing & moisturising a daily soul affirming ritual.

How to book

Call: 07970786476