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Connective Therapies Kev Bailey & Adelle Stoneman

Connective therapies – Kev Bailey & Adelle Stoneman

Connective Therapies is made up of Kev Bailey & Adelle Stoneman and together we understand that everyone is unique. As individuals, we each have our own personal challenges that we hope to conquer, goals that we aim to achieve and needs that we wish to fulfil. As a result, different people resonate with different healing techniques; with each style of treatment offering a completely different healing experience.

By reading both the mind and the body through both spiritual intuition and practical techniques such as muscle testing, we are able to help you in identifying and addressing the very root of the problem; not just the related symptom(s). Through these techniques and our extensive experience, we pledge to do our utmost to set you on the right path and naturally restore the wholeness within you.


Originally developed by American chiropractor George Goodheart, Kinesiology is a non-invasive holistic therapy which aims to provide the help needed for the body to heal itself naturally. This is achieved by communicating directly with the energy system of the body, using gentle muscle testing and verbal questioning. This style of therapy is based on the premise that any issue(s) within a person (or their respective energy system) will be reflected through the physical body; the belief that one problem may lead to another. As a result, this style of therapy takes the broader approach of looking at the complete person as a whole; as opposed to focusing on identifying and treating only the symptoms.

Energy Healing Therapy

Energy healing, similar to Kinesiology therapy, works in conjunction with the subtle energy systems of the body.  This method of healing aims to stimulate the flow of energy in or around the body, restoring balance at both an inner and outer level; which in turn enables natural self-healing to take place.  The practitioner achieves this by channeling universal energy into the body of the client. While this is taking place, the client is advised to simply sit, relax and enjoy the experience.

Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal healing is a vibrational-healing based system which utilises crystals and their respective healing properties. At the base level of energy everything, including ourselves, is said to vibrate at various frequencies.  Crystals are used and placed around the body, absorbing, detoxifying and diffusing energy as they interact with the subtle vibrations in the environment and body of the client. Crystal healing is a deeply relaxing process and can be a deeply effective remedy when dealing with stress, depression or anxiety and related symptoms such as migraines, panic attacks, digestive disorders and stiff joints.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing provides healing through spiritual journeying. During a session, the practitioner will journey on your behalf, gaining insights regarding a particular area or situation to support the healing of the client. The client typically arrives with a mental list of what they believe they need to work on or areas in which they’re having difficulties with during day-to-day life.

Shamanism takes place at a spiritual level which, especially in modern western society, we are often disassociated from during our typical busy lives. The practice of shamanic healing helps to reconnect us to the different dimensions of ourselves as human beings. By the end of a session, the client typically gains conscious insights regarding the different dimensions of themselves and their situation.

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Kev Bailey & Adelle Stoneman

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Rachel Roberts Therapies Homeopathy, Reiki & Sound Healing

Rachel Roberts Therapies

Homeopathy, Reiki & Sound Healing

Rachel is a fully qualified and insured homeopath, sound healing and Reiki practitioner. Rachel studied Homeopathy for 4 years at the College of Practical Homeopathy and qualified in 2008, and is registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, bound by their Code of Ethics, practice and Continued Professional Development.

Rachel qualified in the Usui system of Reiki healing in 2000 to become an advanced practitioner in the High Vibrational Egyptian healing system of Reyad Sekh Em in 2006. She qualified as a Sound Healing Practitioner in 2016 with the College of Sound Healing.

My journey in healing

I discovered the benefits of homeopathy and healing after experiencing three years of digestive problems (IBS), many food allergies and very low energy levels. As I was struggling to look after my two young children on a daily basis and the medication from the Doctor was not doing anything, I decided to see a Homeopath.

After several consultations, my energy levels increased significantly and I completely returned to full health in a matter of months, it changed my life and I am now passionate about health and healing.

Reiki Treatment

A Reiki Treatment is a deeply relaxing non-intrusive treatment. Your Reiki practitioner will complete a client consultation form with you and explain how Reiki works. The client always remains fully clothed during a treatment. The Reiki practitioner follows a sequence of hand positions over the body. The practitioner channels universal life force energy to the Client. The Reiki Practitioner has been trained in how to facilitate the flow of this energy to others during their training.
Clients usually feed-back that they feel a deep sense of relaxation, either heat, tingling, coolness and energy flowing during a Reiki treatment. Reiki will flow to where your body needs it. Many people go into a deep relaxed state during the treatment. A Reiki treatment lasts one hour. Someone who has a chronic condition is usually advised to have a weekly Reiki treatment for four to six weeks for the energy to build up in the system. Treatments can then be reviewed by the client and practitioner. People with acute conditions may notice lasting improvements after two treatments. No two treatments are the same, as Reiki works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Natural Healing

Sound healing can be generated from your own voice – singing, toning, chanting or by the use of many instruments such as: drums, gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, rattles, and also by listening to recorded music and sounds. Sound healing is one of the oldest and most transformative forms of healing known to humans.

Many civilisations in Greece, Egypt and India used Sound Healing to heal all kinds of afflictions of the mind, body and spirit. The ancient Greeks played the flute and lyre to heal the body and soul and to treat illnesses such as Gout and Sciatica. The Egyptians have a long tradition of vowel sound chant in their rituals with each of the seven vowel sounds represented. The shamans have used drumming and chanting in tribal rituals to heal people since ancient times. According to the Vedic (Hindu) philosophy, the Sanskrit word OM is the primordial sound from which the whole universe emanated.

Therapy Effectiveness

Our voice reveals our moods, fears, intentions, thoughts, tensions, excitement and joy, reflecting our state of mind and overall health. The sound and tone of our voice can tell us more about a person than words can ever communicate. When we sigh, cry or groan we don’t realise that we are releasing suppressed emotions that are stored in our body and subconscious mind, in muscles, tissues and organs. We are naturally facilitating our own healing.

Sound healing is a powerful tool for healing and transformation especially when we use our own voice. I have personally experienced with just the use of my voice, toning, singing and humming to a person in a sound healing treatment has profound effects. Our voice is the ultimate healing instrument.

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Darren Clarke Sound Healing Therapist

Darren Clarke – Sound Healing Therapist

Darren first studied Mantra (chanting and toning) for healing with Angie Milbourn and very soon realised that Sound Therapy was to be his path!

He continued his training with world renowned Sanj Hall in Gongs and Singing bowls; combining Eastern Philosophy and Western Methods to sound work. Alongside this Darren also attended workshops at Tama-Do with Carrie Mitchell studying their approach to tuning forks during a 1:1 Treatment. He is also a Reiki Practitioner.

Darren now applies sound healing in both 1:1 healing treatment’s as well as group Sound Bath sessions using a combination of Gongs, Singing bowls, tuning forks and other percussion instruments and Vocals. Darren is very passionate about sound and sharing the healing benefits it can offer.

Sound Therapy Treatments

Sound Therapy is a vibrational healing sensation that helps still the mind and soothe the soul. It can be an unforgettable experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of their inward journey. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation and experiences.

Physical injuries may be healed, and old emotional traumas may be released. People may often find resolutions to emotional issues during this time. This journey gives you the opportunity to explore yourself in a deeper level of consciousness. The healing vibrational sounds helps the physical and emotional states within the body to re-align and repair. This allows your body to find a natural calmness whilst allowing for space for insights and thoughts. You can feel truly, vibrantly alive.

Sound Therapy is effective in not only achieving a state of relaxation, but it also has a way of moving through energy blockages in the body. The journey has been known to help ease many conditions such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, MS, pain and autism. The sound healing vibrations help to release stress, allowing the whole body to enter into a deep relaxation of harmony and joyfulness.

How to book

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