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Studio based yoga classes in Ashby De La Zouch.
Please book directly with the instructors.

Studio Based Yoga Classes

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All of our instructors manage their own classes. Please book direct.

Connor Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Ellie Watt Yoga & Reiki


I teach group yoga classes as well as tailored 1:1 & small group sessions.

In our classes we flow through creative and playful vinyasa sequences which are often blended with Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin, for a yang – yin fusion. 

We combine fluid movement and flowing with the breath, with an emphasis on safe alignment that suits the individual’s body and needs. The classes balance strength with flexibility and include breathing and meditations, which leave you feeling replenished and calm with a more positive outlook. 

I strongly encourage people to learn to move in an intuitive way that feels good, safe and natural in their bodies. I believe that somatic movement is integral to yoga, meaning that our movement is embodied and we focus on the internal experience and the feeling aspects, rather than the external appearance or results. I want people to feel confident and free in their bodies and minds. I aim to provide a yoga class experience where everyone feels empowered to follow their intuition and prioritise their own well-being.

Yin Yoga

  • Wednesdays 10-11am @ The Health Workshop, Ashby

  • Fridays 10-11am @ The Health Workshop, Ashby

New Moon Workshops each month.

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Yoga by Vicky

Yoga Megan Keogh

A little more about me….

8 years teaching, 13 years practicing and 5 years suffering with Functional Neurological Disorder.

I remember my first class, I remember the time I fell in love with Yoga, the moment I wanted to learn more. I can recall the nerves as I traveled alone to Thailand, the rush of happiness as I graduated. I remember the feeling of jumping into the unknown of self-employment. It feels like yesterday when I was working too many hours per day teaching, with the buzz of it all!

I reminisce of my pregnancy, having my daughter and reducing my hours. Cutting back to give me security and adult interaction. It has been 3 years since I balanced Yoga with employment. I am so glad I did.

I feel like it was yesterday when my symptoms of FND began, being pregnant, unable to walk, in regular pain and discomfort. I remember when the shakes began, the level of stress and frustration that came when I could no longer turn a key or dress my daughter. I remember the person I was, and I am trying my hardest to love the person I am now.

Yoga still is my savior, I practice less but it means more. It is my medicine, my technique and my power to calming the daily symptoms, regular stresses and constant shakes. My teaching grounds and restores me, giving me purpose, strength and power. The power to know that I am still me!

Flow Yoga

  • Mondays 7pm @ The Health Workshop, Ashby

Call: 07813587094