Special Events

Special Events and Therapies

Occasional Studio based events / classes in Ashby De La Zouch.
Please book directly with the instructors.

Pilates Classes at The Health Workshop

Meet our Instructors

All of our instructors manage their own classes. Please book direct.

Richard Enion Enriched Tea Ceremonies

Tea & Mushroom Ceremonies with Richard Enion (Enriched )

Richard Enion from Enriched Nutrition holds Tea & Mushroom Ceremonies at The Health Workshop on occasion.

This is not a ‘tea tasting’ experience. This is one of the most profound and nourishing experiences you can give yourself and your team.

Yes we will drink some of the finest teas in the world, from hundreds of years old trees, from the purest mountains, though this experience is a deeply profound paradigm shifting event experience.

Please visit Enriched to find out more


How to book

Please contact The Health Workshop direct for information.

Darren Clarke Sound Healing Therapist

Sound Baths with Darren Clarke

Darren first studied Mantra (chanting and toning) for healing with Angie Milbourn and very soon realised that Sound Therapy was to be his path!

He continued his training with world renowned Sanj Hall in Gongs and Singing bowls; combining Eastern Philosophy and Western Methods to sound work. Alongside this Darren also attended workshops at Tama-Do with Carrie Mitchell studying their approach to tuning forks during a 1:1 Treatment. He is also a Reiki Practitioner.

Darren now applies sound healing in both 1:1 healing treatment’s as well as group Sound Bath sessions using a combination of Gongs, Singing bowls, tuning forks and other percussion instruments and Vocals. Darren is very passionate about sound and sharing the healing benefits it can offer.

Sound Therapy Treatments

Sound Therapy is a vibrational healing sensation that helps still the mind and soothe the soul. It can be an unforgettable experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of their inward journey. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation and experiences.

Physical injuries may be healed, and old emotional traumas may be released. People may often find resolutions to emotional issues during this time. This journey gives you the opportunity to explore yourself in a deeper level of consciousness. The healing vibrational sounds helps the physical and emotional states within the body to re-align and repair. This allows your body to find a natural calmness whilst allowing for space for insights and thoughts. You can feel truly, vibrantly alive.

Sound Therapy is effective in not only achieving a state of relaxation, but it also has a way of moving through energy blockages in the body. The journey has been known to help ease many conditions such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, MS, pain and autism. The sound healing vibrations help to release stress, allowing the whole body to enter into a deep relaxation of harmony and joyfulness.

How to book

Call: 07974863167