Our therapy centre is situated upstairs above our retail store in Ashby and has 2 private treatment rooms to allow for the best possible service from our wide range of therapies.  Here’s a few words provided by each of our therapists and how their services can improve your health and wellbeing.

Sharron Miller – Mind Calm & Meditation

  • 1-1 Coaching
  • Mind Calm Coaching
  • Body Calm Coaching
  • Soul Coaching
  • Meditation Classes
  • Reiki                                                                                                                                                                                      

Tired? Rundown? Stressed? Feeling stuck and not sure which way to turn? Struggling with an illness or emotional issue? Looking for clarity? Busy mind?

These are just a few of the daily struggles clients who visit me are dealing with.  Many of which have tried more mainstream approaches but haven’t quite found what they are looking for in order to find their resolution and effectively move forward.  My approach is holistic, meaning I look at the person as a whole rather than just the issue or symptom, which enables us to get to the real root cause and deal with it both efficiently and effectively.

I only work with individuals who are fully committed to effecting the necessary changes as I am passionate about giving people the tools they require to empower themselves and live life to its best.  By using this approach, individuals consciously choose to become stronger, more confident and self-assured, enabling them to reach their full potential working from their optimum mind set.  Alongside coaching for everyday struggles, I also offer Soul Coaching, for those that are at a stage in their spiritual journey that sees them with more questions than answers.  This can range from wanting to understand how energy works right up to exploring their purpose in life.  Having spent many years learning and researching different approaches to good health and wellbeing, and more recently training with the world renowned Calm Coach Sandy C.Newbigging,  I am able to offer a practical holistic approach which encompasses teachings from many modalities to help you free yourself from programmed limitation.

With a lifetime commitment to my own inner work and spiritual journey, everything I do is integral to my life and I have very much “practised what I preach”!  With a young son and a Husband with a very demanding job, I very much live in the real world and fully understand the restraints people seemingly have.  In today’s busy society, it’s easy to forget that our wellbeing should come first but whether it’s a health condition, emotional issue, spiritual issue or you would just like more calm in your life, it is never too late to begin investing in your wellbeing and start living the life you deserve….today!


Yoga – Lee Canterbury

Lee’s yoga journey started 10 years ago, when he traversed across the sub-continent of India. Visiting many ashrams and retreats en route.  He is a dynamic, versatile yoga teacher, who’s classes are suited to everyone. Delivered in an amiable manner, be it a power, vinyasa or a gentle flow class. All are welcome.Lee still travels out to India on an annual basis, to further his practice and keep his life in balance.



Pilates can help you with all those things and what’s more it is suitable for most people including athletes, dancers, gym bunnies, seniors and low back pain and people with arthritis, to name but a few.

Come and join us in this fun, yet effective class.  Click here for more details.

No Hands® Massage

To ease your stress further why not try No Hands® Massage. Don’t worry, there is contact. I can perform a massage to suit your needs. Satisfy your curiosity and come and give it a go.

Luxury Facials

Feel pampered with my lovely facials with face massage natural organic skin care products. Just lie back, and relax in the lovely, cosy surroundings.

Holistic Massage

Jo Saines – Holistic Massage

Trained by the Massage Training Institute (MTI), I am a fully qualified Holistic Massage Therapist. I continue to be a member of the MTI and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and am fully insured to practice as a massage therapist.

Everyone needs a massage, and a massage that fits them, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability or sexuality. I give good quality massages that fit your needs. Setting me apart from other massage therapists, I do not conform to a routine but listen to what you say and how your body feels. I place a great emphasis on getting to know you, sensitive to all aspects of well-being: physical, emotional and spiritual. By helping you relax, unwind and recover, I provide a service tailored to you.

Homeopathy & Reiki – Rachel Roberts

I’m a Registered Homeopath and Reiki therapist covering the areas of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire. The letters MARH show that I have fulfilled the criteria necessary to become a full member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH). The ARH is committed to supporting and encouraging its members to grow and develop as practitioners enabling them to effectively meet the diverse needs of their patients and to engage in a high standard of homeopathic practice. All members are bound by the ARH Code of Ethics and Practice. Homeopathy is one of the two most widely used forms of medicine in the world today, people are discovering the benefits of a system of medicine that is safe, gentle and effective and treats them as unique individuals. Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that treats mental, emotional and physical illness.


Reiki, Crystal Healing, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy – Marion McGeough

I am Marion McGeough, a Reiki Master Teacher who runs courses and carries out Reiki treatments, Crystal Healing treatments and a combination of the two. A treatment lasts for 50 minutes and leaves the individual feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the world  with a clear mind and the ability to manage stress more effectively. Reiki helps support those individuals  with physical illnesses by supporting their energy system allowing them to cope with whatever changes are ahead.

I teach all level of courses from beginner to Master level. Each course contains comprehensive material which includes  two books, a CD and a DVD ( Master Course only) and a course certificate. All courses can be done “live” or distantly and I have been fortunate to have some international students. Distant courses are ideal for a busy person as by their nature they allow the student work at their own pace, supported at all times not only by the comprehensive material provided but also by myself as I am readily available to answer any questions and support my students along their spiritual journey.

When I am not teaching or seeing clients I am often to be found at my desk writing. I am the author of 5 books including the number 1 best seller: “Crystal Healing & The Human Energy Field, A Beginner’s Guide”. I am currently working on writing a crystal healing training course which will be available from 2016.

For many people, Reiki treatments along with a form of talking therapy are all they need to make the changes that are important to them in life. I specialise in Anger Management however, I  have been fortunate to see clients with any number of issues and we have been able to work through them successfully perhaps you will be one of them.


Reflexology – Kelly Hainsworth

Hello my name is Kelly Hainsworth and I am a fully qualified reflexology practitioner and thermo-auricular therapist offering treatments in North West Leicestershire since 2008.   I am passionate about both therapies and the benefits they may bring to your life, whether you have a specific health problem or simply want it to help you enjoy the best possible levels of energy and well-being. I first became involved with reflexology in 2006; I was experiencing difficulties sleeping and was unable to relax following a bereavement.  A friend suggested I tried reflexology to help me relax and promote a good night’s sleep.  I was amazed with the results – after just a few sessions I began to sleep well without waking several times a night and I felt able to relax again.

I was amazed by how powerful this treatment was and wanted to learn more about it and its benefits, so I could help other people in the same way it had helped me. I trained with the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) and became a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR).  I am committed to undertake continuing professional development each year and have a great interest and knowledge in anatomy and physiology.

I have a passion for women’s health and have completed continuing professional development in Enhancing Fertility and Maternity Care through Reflexology.  This is accredited by the AoR. I believe the extensive training I have undertaken, along with my interest and passion in what I do, ensures my clients receive the best possible treatments available, which are delivered to the highest standards. I look forward to meeting you. Kelly x

Maggie – Intolerance Testing

I test 100 plus items using a non-invasive method on the finger-tip which gives instant results. Many of the items testing are things you would expect such as wheat, gluten & dairy as well as the more weird & wonderful such as chocolate, spinach & quinoa. On top of the test I am able to help with dietary advice to help with the elimination process & general lifestyle guidance. I am a fully qualified practitioner with nearly 20 years experience. Food intolerance can be responsible for:

• Migraine
• Eczema
• Irritable bowel
• Candida
• Weight gain
• Sinus problems